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White Highlights Hair in Grey Hair

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by Nida

Most people “go gray” at some point in their lives, usually around 50. You can let the gray grow in naturally, ease into it with highlights or low lights, or completely cover up the grays with color. People with pink, olive or dark complexions tend to look best with gray hair, as the color won’t wash out their skin like it might with a person who is sallow or very pale. If you want to embrace your gray hair and make it stand out, you can add white highlights hair to the grays.

cool white highlights hair White Highlights Hair in Grey Hair

To get white highlights hair, prepare your hair by skipping the shampoo on the day you highlight your hair; this will help the color set. Brush out your hair thoroughly. The highlighting kit will come with an applicator comb or brush to apply the highlights, so your hair will need to be smooth so that comb can easily run through your hair.

curly white highlights hair White Highlights Hair in Grey Hair

The white highlights hair to gives a voluminous to the hairstyles. The bangs reaches eyebrow and hair let loose along the face to enhance the face features.  Initially, the vibrant hair color looks shiny and brightly. However, it required to touch up the hair regularly before it turns to brassy and ugly appearance as red hair color get fade quickly.

long white highlights hair White Highlights Hair in Grey Hair

Nothing looks sassier than white highlights hair in grey hair. It is one of the trendiest style statements among grey women, who love to flaunt white hair. The lighter silver accent looks fabulous on dark tresses. Even if you do not wear a high-profile hairdo, a few white highlights will still manage to give you a chic style.

white highlights hair image White Highlights Hair in Grey Hair

If you have a perfect wardrobe to match with white highlighted hairstyle, you do not need to give a second thought about getting them on your hair. However subtle tone of white highlights you may choose, it will put you straight into a classy fashionable frame. If you are still hesitating, the following pictures will definitely temp you to get white highlights on your black hair.

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