Wavy Bob Haircuts for the Curly Haired

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by nissa

Wavy bob haircuts is actually the proof that not only those who have straight and silky hair that can be beautiful. In fact, the curly and wavy haired women are also attractive if they are able to find the right haircuts that can fit the face shape. When it comes to bob, as you may have known, it is the classic haircut that has many variations. Wavy bob is a nice idea if you want to change your look. For those who have straight hair, you can also get this style by using curling iron. Here are some ideas that you may like.

wavy bob haircuts 2013 Wavy Bob Haircuts for the Curly Haired

Retro wavy bob haircuts are the perfect combination of modern and sassy lifestyle. This can be applied in formal occasion. To style this, you should start with damp hair that later should be applied with hold gel. Next, you can part your hair on one side with a fine tooth comb and brush your bangs. This include the sleek part on the upper to middle part of hair, while curly in middle to lower part. You can use the bobby pin to secure the part where you divide the sleek and curly part.

wavy bob haircuts with bangs Wavy Bob Haircuts for the Curly Haired

If you want something edgier and more expressive, then you can try asymmetrical bob style. Do not worry, this style can be applied at work too, since it is not too edgy that you will get the unwanted attention. After you have gotten that asymmetrical bob haircut, first of all, you should apply the mousse to your damp hair. Part your hair into several sections and twist each section. Diffuse them after that. Use your finger to arrange your curls. Last, apply hairspray to get the perfect wavy bob haircuts you need.

wavy bob haircuts styles Wavy Bob Haircuts for the Curly Haired

  • Start with clean wet hair.
  • Apply favorite strong hold gel.
  • Part hair on side, using a comb with both a fine side and wider tooth side, and brush bangs forward.
  • Gently brush bangs back. Place bobby pin or duckbill clip in the c-shape youai??i??ve just created.
  • Repeating steps 3 & 4, allow the bang area to dry.
  • Using diffuser, dry back and sides.
  • Once front is dry, remove clips and mist with a medium hold hairspr

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