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Two Color Hairstyles for Women

Thursday, 6 June 2013, 15:43 | Short Hairstyles | Comments Off | Read 54 Times
by Nida

Two Color Hairstyles are a magical way in roomates you can draw attention to your hair. If you enjoy the color and want to make a cool statement hair coloring, you can play with more than one shade for your hair color.

Get imaginative and creative as you experiment with Two Color Hairstyles. Opening up many exciting possibilities dual tone hair colors are full of drama and magic. If you are looking for a stunning look for your hair blonde without giving in to excessive drama of a cute baby pink hair coloring, combined with gold is a great idea. For deep brown coloring hair touches of red can work wonders. You can color your hair a vibrant shade of red and have touches of golden in the hair strands, just to give yourself a fiery dramatic look. Step into a world of fantasy with rich shades of aqua blue combined with jet-black for your long tresses.

You can also combine deep blue and magenta pink hair to make a striking fashion statement. For a dreamy look that comes straight out of fairytales in roomates try a combination of deep aqua shades blend with a vivid violet. You can also have your hair auburn coloring set off with deeper areas of nearly black. Two Color Hairstyles can bring a look of rich drama and play to your hair.

Rich magenta gives a gorgeous look to the hair strands while they shade off into deep ash and mauve tones in this smooth hairstyle.

magenta two color hairstyles Two Color Hairstyles for Women

This is a stunning and magical jet-black hair style idea in which the deepest shades of purple create their own drama.

purple two color hairstyles Two Color Hairstyles for Women

This vibrant jet-black hairstyle with a deep front bang is touched up by a bold electric blue on top of the head.

jet black blue two color hairstyles Two Color Hairstyles for Women

Rich shades of blue and violet make a stunning combination in this two-tone hair color idea.

two color hairstyles blue violet Two Color Hairstyles for Women

The front fringe in this edgy hairstyle dips down to the hairline making a gorgeous combination in silver-gray and blonde.

silver gray and blonde two color hairstyles Two Color Hairstyles for Women

See how the rich chestnut-brown shades in this auburn two-tone hair color idea blend into deeper tones of black.

two color hairstyles chesnut brown Two Color Hairstyles for Women


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