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Toffee Highlights Color Hair in Various Hues

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by nissa

Toffee highlights hair is a color that includes rich gold in soft shade. In fact, there are many hues types when it comes to toffee. There can be dark blonde, light golden brown, and many more. It means that this shade has several variations in color tint. That is why if you want to get toffee highlights, it is better for you to check which hair product that you want to use since every manufacturer has different hue. You should check to make sure that the hue in the hair products can match will with your natural hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Overall, toffee, which is also known as caramel, is a dark blonde or bold light brown.

toffee highlights color hair Toffee Highlights Color Hair in Various Hues

In fact, you can choose toffee for entire hair color, lowlights and highlights. For toffee highlights hair, this shade is perfect for dark hair. It is because this light color will give the natural contrast with dark hair and add the richness of color to the dark hair. Those who are suitable with toffee highlights are the ones who have bluish black hair and dark to medium blonde or brunette. The area that can be highlighted may blend with the whole style or you just highlight the facial area to create the framing illusion. If you want to get creative look, you can highlights only the hair tips, or get chunks or bold streaks.

toffee highlights brown hair Toffee Highlights Color Hair in Various Hues

Though this shade is nice and cute, keep in mind that there are some kinds of hair color that will not work with toffee highlights. Toffee highlights will only look perfect in brunette hair or warm blonde. For the skin tone, this shade works best with warm complexion. On the contrary, for those who have red hair, it is recommended to avoid this shade since it will look too brassy combined with red. It is important to know that toffee is not the only beautiful shade. You can also find other hues with the same shade, like sun kissed blonde, gold, and honey. You can also add the accent, whether it is vibrant or bold, in your toffee highlights hair.

toffee highlights dark hair Toffee Highlights Color Hair in Various Hues

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