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Temporary Hair Color to Experiment with Your Look

Monday, 5 August 2013, 16:22 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 2723 Times
by nissa

Temporary hair color has many variants nowadays. You will not only find the rinses, but also sprays, foams, gels, and shampoos. You just have to apply it on your hair and..voila! You will get the new look instantly. No need to visit the hair colorist. No need to spend hundred of bucks to have your hair colored. Plus, temporary coloring is the perfect idea to choose if you want to experiment with your look. Before you go with permanent coloring, that may not be matched with your whole look and complexion, it is better for you to use the temporary ones. So when you do not like the color or it is mismatched with your skin tone, you can easily remove it just by washing your hair with shampoo.

temporary hair color platinum blonde Temporary Hair Color to Experiment with Your Look

Why does temporary hair color not last? It is because the coloring materials in it cannot enter the hair’s cuticles. It means that the coloring only sticks to the shaft of hair that can be easily removed. However, you should know that temporary coloring like this lasts longer in the damaged or super dry hair. It is because the dried or damaged hair has broken shafts, so the coloring pigments can penetrate easily to the shaft interior. You can check whether your hair is healthy or not just by using temporary hair coloring products. If it stays in your hair all day long without even being a bit washed out, then you need an extra care for your hair regularly.

temporary hair color spray Temporary Hair Color to Experiment with Your Look

Despite that fact, temporary coloring is perfect for any special occasion. Even you can let your kids dye their hair with this coloring. Commonly, temporary coloring has a wide range of vibrant and bold colors that you can mix and match. This is the best way for you to look expressive, unique, and different but only attract the attention only in one single day since you do not have enough confidence to wear expressive colors for your hair. Though there are many coloring products available in the market nowadays, keep in mind that it is not recommended to use temporary hair color too often since it can damage your hair.

temporary hair color for kids Temporary Hair Color to Experiment with Your Look

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