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by Nida

Hair is the crown for all women, must be maintained and cared for as much as possible. When we are going to use Stylish Hair Color. We must choose a hair color/hair color is right for women also become important things. Should be done with carefully as if not, you might make an appearance is not maximal. For those of you who like the style, and follow the fashion trend is certainly are familiar with hair color. But, Make no mistake to choose the hair color, it will be bad.Besides choosing hair color/hair dye according for the appearance, in changing your hair style also need to consider the type of dye used. So that there are no long-term effects that are harmful to your health. Here are some things you need to consider carefully about hair coloring:

1. Adjust with Skin Color. Before you choose the Stylish Hair Color which you want, look at true color of your skin. Do not let the color which you choose makes you look more pale or dull. If you have brown skin or olive, you can choose the color of hair brown, blonde, or red wine. Avoid bright colors like gold, bronze or grayish white can make you look pale and dull. Conversely, if you were white, you can choose the color of golden hair for make you look more glamorous. Or dark brown color which the color of your skin clear.

stylish hair color tips 1 STYLISH HAIR COLOR TIPS

2. In accordance to Hair Style. Although the hair style is not too significant, but before choosing to do Stylish Hair Color, it is better you to note the condition of your hair now. If curly hair, short and white would be better for you to choose the color of dark brown hair. And if you are short haired, avoiding to highlight just because the hair color will not change the appearance. While you are a long-haired, able to highlight or select the hair around the face with hair color staining total.

dark color stylish hair color STYLISH HAIR COLOR TIPS

3. Hair type. You need to know your hair type before choosing a hair color / hair color are you want. Is your hair types oily, dry, or normal? This is so the color of your hair just as you are exposed to light. If your hair is oily, avoid choosing bright hair color because if you do not have time to spruce up the appearance, it can look more dull than the hair color is more soft.

hair types stylish hair color STYLISH HAIR COLOR TIPS

4. Dyes material. Choosing the dye before you choose hair color/hair dye is a step are needs to be done. If you’re not accustomed to color your hair yourself, you can do it at the salon. But if you’re going to do yourself, use a safe dye. You can choose the color of hair, from a quality salon. Or buy dyes of beauty products that are qualified.


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