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Soft Romantic Wedding Hair in Buns Styles

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by nissa

Soft romantic wedding hair is recommended for you if you want to look classy in your wedding day. In fact, most people would usually relate wedding hairstyle with braids, buns, chignons, and twists. You should know that it is not only that. When choosing the hairstyle, you should also consider your hair type, the lengths, and such. The most important part is, the criteria of wedding hair should be romantic and soft looks, upstyle, should stay in place all day long, and not stiff and stay structured.

soft romantic wedding hair styles Soft Romantic Wedding Hair in Buns Styles

Bun is the popular hairstyle if you have the frizzy and curly hair and you want to secure it all day long in its place. There are many kinds of buns. A knotted bun is one of the best bun styles. This is the elegant and smooth hairstyle in the upper part of hair, but creates the messy look knotted bun in the lower part. Another soft romantic wedding hair in bun is wispy low bun. This is perfect for you if you do not want to look too sleek in your wedding day. The pieces of flyaway around the face will soften your look as well as the wedding style itself. Make sure that secure this bun in your neck’s nape. You can also twist several sections to the back.

soft romantic wedding updos hair Soft Romantic Wedding Hair in Buns Styles

Getting polished and textured hairstyle in a bun is also possible. This hairstyle is quite the opposite of knotted bun where the smooth is the top and messy look in the bottom. This has textured and quite messy in the top and has the perfect finish as a bun in the bottom. Do you want to get a bit loosely? You can have your hair fall in the neck’s nape. Yet, to get the tidy look, you can choose the smooth and sleek finish in two tame sections in your face’s sides and create the bun by making some turns and twists. This hairstyle may not look too formal. That is why this is suitable if you have more casual wedding reception. Those soft romantic wedding hair styles aforementioned can be applied for both straight and curly hair.

soft romantic wedding hair ideas Soft Romantic Wedding Hair in Buns Styles

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