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Soft Curls Hairstyles for Long Hair

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by Nida

Soft, loose curls are appropriate for any occasion. Soft curls hairstyles work with any hair type, as long as your hair will hold a curl and is long enough to wrap around a curling iron. Leave your curls hanging loose for a romantic, bohemian look or style them for a more polished look. For a soft, romantic style that can be worn in both formal and casual situations, wear your soft curls down and loose. Use a wide barreled curling iron to create soft waves in your hair. Separate the hair into sections and hold the curling iron vertically so that the open end of the barrel is facing the floor.

cute Soft Curls Hairstyles Soft Curls Hairstyles for Long Hair


Wrap a section of soft curls hairstyles around the curing iron down the barrel of the iron and tuck the end of the hair under the clamp. Hold the hair there for about 20 sections or longer if you are curling a thick section of hair. Lift the clamp and slide the iron out of the curl gently. Spray the curl and allow it to cool. When you have curled every section, spray hair with a finishing spray to set the curls.

easy Soft Curls Hairstyles Soft Curls Hairstyles for Long Hair

Another easy loose big curls hairstyles is the half up look. To create this style, curl your hair using the method outlined above, then pull the sides of your hair back and secure it with a hair elastic or barrette. For a more dressed up, trendier look, tease the hair at the crown of your head to give it added volume. Use a comb or brush to gently smooth the teased hair, then pull the sides of the hair back. This will give the style a more retro look.

gergeous Soft Curls Hairstyles Soft Curls Hairstyles for Long Hair

When loosely curled hair is combined with a ponytail style, you can achieve a very sophisticated look. Ponytails are no longer just for gym class; many stars can be seen with a sleek ponytail on the red carpet, making this a very popular updo. Allow the hair around the face to hang loosely for a more romantic style, or pull all of the hair back for a sleek, sophisticated ponytail. The ponytail style can be created in two ways.

jenifer Soft Curls Hairstyles Soft Curls Hairstyles for Long Hair

Soft Curls Hairstyles image Soft Curls Hairstyles for Long Hair

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