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SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

Friday, 31 May 2013, 19:10 | Short Hairstyles | Comments Off | Read 82 Times
by Nida

Known that on 3 days ago, SM Entertainment has partnered with fashion brand hair ‘Hair Couture’. ‘Hair Couture’ revealed that starting in June, they will produce and distribute a variety of hair fashion products. They also revealed that they are actively developing products with SNSD. CEO of ‘Hair Couture’ said, “We will produce a variety of products that match with the characteristics of SNSD Hairstyles 2013. Because they Hallyu icon around the world, we hope for get a great response”.

In order to maintain the appearance of an image, korean pop always pay attention to their health, body and hair health. In addition to hair health, hair style is also important for the majority of K-POP idol. SNSD Hairstyles 2013 will also more to pay attention, and here are the “Frequently Used Hair Style SNSD Member”:

1. Taeyeon: Her haircut often short during the tour and at the ends of your hair are colored red slightly.

snsd hairstyle 2013 taeyeon SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

2. Jessica: frequently, long and curly hair. Rarely, Jessica’s hair was straight and really like Blonde.

snsd hairstyle 2013 jessica SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

3. Sunny: short and colored hair, often dyed colors in her hair.

snsd hairstyle 2013 sunny SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

4. Tiffany: long curly hair and sometimes, straight.

snsd hairstyle 2013 tiffany SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

5. Hyoyeon: Wavy and Blonde, sometimes in the bundle.

snsd hairstyle 2013 hyoyeon SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

6. Yuri: Colour black, and a bit wavy

yuri snsd hairstyle 2013 SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

7. Sooyoung: Wavy, sometimes love tied.

snsd hairstyle 2013 sooyoung SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

8. Yoona: Often long and brown curls.

snsd hairstyle 2013 yoona SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

9. Seohyun: A bit wavy, sometimes straight.

snsd hairstyle 2013 seohyun SNSD Hairstyle 2013 Models

Hopefully SNSD Hairstyles 2013 inspire you all to read. But sometimes the members of SNSD always changing her hair style.

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