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by Nida

Short hairstyles for weddings? It seems rare to see a bride with short hair. And for those of you who happen to have a short hair, and confused by the style on the wedding day, maybe some of these ideas can inspire you. With short hair, the best option is to use a strong and prominent accessories (both short combs, veils, tiaras, or hats). You can combine Short Wedding Hairstyles with putting a crown/tiara’s crown or tiaras as a wedding day hair piece, a perfect worn for you who want to look like a queen. Pair tiaras with the earrings that can show the beauty of your neck. Choose the veil that shaped nest, or a veil that only covers the face. You can add with ornaments of feathers or flowers. In addition to accentuate the impression of elegance vintage also gives the impression of being a fashion trend lately.

short wedding hairstyles with crown SHORT WEDDING HAIRSTYLES IDEAS

short wedding hairstyles with veil SHORT WEDDING HAIRSTYLES IDEAS

One other advantage has short hair (besides saving shampoo and anti heat) is your hair, do not need to compete with hair accessories that should make you more beautiful. And if you want to look simple on the wedding day, you can use the concept of Short Wedding Hairstyles with flowers, you can choose floral accessories. Can alive or bogus flowers. Pinch the one next to the ear, and you will be a beautiful bride. You can choose headbands adorned with flowers or feathers to get a vintage impression. Beside that, to get the accessories that suit your short haircut like short comb, handmade hair clips, headbands, or hats. Antique stores or flea markets is the most fitting place if you want to hunt for vintage short comb or hair clips decorated with ivory or pearls.

short wedding hairstyles with headband SHORT WEDDING HAIRSTYLES IDEAS

Not to be confused with your short hair problems. Long or short hair is not an excuse, not to look pretty. Just look at the hairstyles presented by Anne Bowen this may be your choice. Curling of the ends of the hair, then trim the one side to the rear. Besides looks romantic and elegant, this hairstyle can also make the face look longer.

curly short wedding hairstyles SHORT WEDDING HAIRSTYLES IDEAS

The last, your short hair is part of your personality. Although you hassles, to decorate and assemble your Short Wedding Hairstyles, remember that wonderful memory that accompanies your happy day is much more important. Forget having to look super perfect. The guests and him of course, will remember you as a beautiful bride and happy, they will not remember your hairstyle.

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