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Short Vintage Bob Hairstyles in Marilyn Monroe Look

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by nissa

Short vintage bob hairstyles are usually closely related to Marilyn Monroe. That sexy icon was actually an idol of many men and women. That is why no wonder that many women would like to have her retro hairstyle. Vintage bob of Marilyn Monroe has become a new trend nowadays. It usually includes straight and sleek hair. However, you can break that stereotype since those who have curly and wavy hair can also have this vintage hairstyle. You cannot deny that this haircut will make you elegant and stylish at the same time.

short vintage bob trendy hairstyles Short Vintage Bob Hairstyles in Marilyn Monroe Look

Keep in mind that there are many variations in short vintage bob hairstyles. The variations are placed in the back and in the front parts. The variations can also be matched with your face shape. There are also some layers involved based on the bob types. To get the unique look, you can get the asymmetrical cut by letting the left side is hanging lower from the right one and vice versa. However, asymmetrical bob hairstyle is not really retro and vintage. Contrary to popular believe, bob is not always sleek and straight when it comes to vintage and retro bob cuts. In fact, curly and wavy in medium length is the best choice.

short vintage bob hairstyles 2013 Short Vintage Bob Hairstyles in Marilyn Monroe Look

If you want to get this bob hairstyle, make sure that you do not add any bang. It is because the retro and vintage bob usually do not include bangs. The curly hair should be sided to one part. To get this style, you can use the curling iron and divide your washed and dried hair into several sections. After that, curl up and down each section with that curling iron. Make sure your curl every section from top to bottom, not just the bottom part. After that, you can use the hairspray to make the curls look sleek and last longer as well. To make it look sweeter, you can pin the front back of your hair to the back side though it is not really a bang. Commonly, short vintage bob hairstyles are perfect for those who have round, square, and heart shaped face.

short vintage bob hairstyles ideas Short Vintage Bob Hairstyles in Marilyn Monroe Look

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