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Short Haircuts Round Face to Lengthen the Face

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by nissa

Short haircuts round face is indeed the perfect combination. Most people think that if you have round face, then you should not cut your hair too short since it will make your face look even rounder. It is actually a wrong opinion. As long as you are able to find the right cuts for your hair, short haircuts will even conceal your round face and make it look thinner. Why don not you go totally short with spiky layers on the crown? This cut is also known as petite pixie. Why it is suitable for round face? It is because the choppy parts in the top increase the height and at the same time lengthen your face. This haircut works for fine, wavy, and straight hair.

short haircuts round face thin hair Short Haircuts Round Face to Lengthen the Face

If you have curly hair, then you should try saucy pin curls cropped. You can get the loose and long waves in this cut. To look even more stylish, you can style your hair in the loose chignon. Blowback is another trend when it comes to short haircuts round face. It is recommended for you if you have frizzy hair. This cut includes the front side that is made up while the rest of the hair will just fall down following the gravity. This cut can increase the volume of your hair. That is why it is also recommended if you have thin hair. You can style it in sculpted way or just go sleek. No matter what style you choose, those two will add extra volume to your hair and lengthen your face at the same time.

short haircuts round face 2013 Short Haircuts Round Face to Lengthen the Face

Pixie is the most popular haircut if you want to follow the mainstream. In fact, this haircut is perfect for almost any face shape, like heart shape, square shape, oval, and round face. Why does it look good on round face? It is because this haircut adds the height in your crown, so that it will lengthen your face. Moreover, the little pieces of this cut can also spotlight your eyes and cheekbones. However, not every woman will look good with pixie haircut. This cut is only perfect for those who have straight or wavy hair and petite body. Those all are the basic short haircuts round face that you can opt for.

short haircuts round face black women Short Haircuts Round Face to Lengthen the Face


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