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Short Curly Shaved Hairstyles in Gorgeous Looks

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by nissa

Short curly shaved hairstyles are actually more like fade haircut. This is when the hair is shaved in both sides and the top of the head has longer hair. However, fade haircut is neater and more shaped while in this haircut the curly hair reveals its look to create the flat surface in the top of the head. However, there are many variations that you can get if you want to get this style. It does not have to look like the traditional fade haircut. In fact, you can look good with your creation. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

short curly hair shaved hairstyles Short Curly Shaved Hairstyles in Gorgeous Looks

Half look is one of the popular variations for short curly shaved hairstyles. It is when you comb your fade haircut to one side and both sides of your head should be shaved bald. With that, the bald sides of your head will be more noticeable. It is true that you should wear this hairstyle with confident since it is a unique and bold cut. Next, maybe you can try to have half layers look. This is the cut that include short layers in the top of head while the rest of the head should be shaved. To get this look, first you need a straightening iron to make your hair straight. Straight hair will make this cut more unique.

short curly shaved hairstyles sides Short Curly Shaved Hairstyles in Gorgeous Looks

Or, you should also consider having Mohawk style. The half shaved Mohawk needs the back head shaved fully. That is why this is called as half Mohawk. You do not need to make your hair stay up if you do not want to. Instead, let the curls fall in its place naturally. To get more creative style, it is recommended for you to add the coloring. The half shaved and colored hair will attract more attention and make you stand out in the crowd. To make it even more expressive, you can choose the bold and neon color, like red, fuschia, orange, light purple, and such. You can even get the highlights that can be combined with the undertone. Short curly shaved hairstyles are the best thing that you can get if you want your hair to be simple yet stylish.

short curly shaved hairstyles 2013 Short Curly Shaved Hairstyles in Gorgeous Looks

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