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Semi Permanent Hair Color and Permanent Ones

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by nissa

Semi permanent hair color is the best idea for you to apply if you want to get the hair color that can be washed but not easily removed. As you may have known, there are many brands when it comes to semi permanent hair color. You just have to choose the right one that can suit you best. However, most people cannot choose whether to pick semi permanent or the permanent one. That is why you should know the difference between those two coloring techniques and the reasons why you should choose one over the another, so that you can get the best for your hair.

semi permanent hair color brands Semi Permanent Hair Color and Permanent Ones

You should know that semi permanent hair color should be chosen if you want to add some color layers or just want deep the natural hair color. Thing that you should know is semi permanent coloring can darken hair, yes. But it cannot lighten your hair since it does not have peroxide and ammonia. So semi permanent coloring is nice if you want to get darker color for your natural hair. Semi permanent coloring can naturally wash out after at least 6-12 hair wash with shampoo. The period of the coloring depends on the formula. The great thing about having semi permanent color is, when you do not like the color, you just have to wash your hair several times before it gets washed out. And due to the fact that the color is not permanent, you do not have to worry about noticeable roots.

semi permanent hair color loreal Semi Permanent Hair Color and Permanent Ones

On the contrary, if you want to cover your grey, it is not recommended to get semi permanent coloring. It is because the color will not wash out, so the hair should grow out to give back its natural color. However, the roots should be re-dyed every 6-8 weeks. If you just want to style your hair and want more permanent color but not too permanent either, you can consider applying demi-permanent coloring. Like semi-permanent ones, this can deepen your natural hair, but it cannot lighten it. Yet, it can last longer than semi permanent hair color, which is 12-26 times of hair washing.

semi permanent hair color reviews Semi Permanent Hair Color and Permanent Ones


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