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Semi Formal Short Men Hairstyle

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by nissa

Semi formal short men‘s hair do not need much styling. It is because naturally short hair is easier to style and do not need much maintenance. In semi formal occasion, you should make sure that you look preppy and a bit casual at the same time. Haircut is the main attraction, so make sure that your hair will fit your whole look. If you want to look effortlessly gorgeous, you can cut your hair even shorter, leaving only one inch or two remain in your head. This crew cut style will make you look neater and even fresher.

semi formal short hair men Semi Formal Short Men Hairstyle

However, if you want to keep your neck length hair, you can style it based on your hair type. For those who have straight hair, it is great for you to look sleek and smooth. Sleek side parted hair will absolutely make women go mad, especially if you wear the casual suit that will match. Applying hair gel or pomade is necessary to get this sleek style. Or, you can make the hair right in the top of your forehead stay up. This up style needs hair gel as well. You can determine how high you want the hair to be. Topknot should be worn in confidence, or you will end up like Ace Ventura in semi formal short men‘s hair style.

semi formal short cut men Semi Formal Short Men Hairstyle

If you have wavy or curly hair, then you need more effort to tame your hair. It is because curly hair tends to get a mess most of the time. That is why it is not recommended for you to get messy look in curly hair. First, make sure that you have washed your hair since washed hair is softer and easier to style. Apply the wet look or pomade to prevent your hair from flying away. Curly hair is usually light and frizzy. The great news is, you do not have to part your hair. Let it fall naturally and you will look awesome with those curls in semi formal short men.

semi formal short hair trend men Semi Formal Short Men Hairstyle

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