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Scene Side Swept Bangs and How to Style It

Tuesday, 19 November 2013, 10:42 | Women Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 30 Times
by nissa

Scene side swept bangs are commonly used by teenagers or young adults. This may also known as emo style that is usually completed with dark make up, dark hair, dark clothes, and such. You need a sharp angled bangs to get the right style. Here are the steps for you to take. First, you should use wet comb or spray bottle to damp your hair. This will overcome the flyaway and the frizz issue. The wet hair is easier to get the precise and smooth cut. After that, start with the front side of your hair.

scene side swept bangs 2013 Scene Side Swept Bangs and How to Style It

The front side should be combed per section in you forehead. Keep in mind that if you want the chunky style, you should add more hair to include per section. Another thing you should know is the wet hair is actually longer than the dried hair. It means that you should cut approximately an inch longer than the length that you really want. If you want to part your hair on the right, you should cut the angle to the left and vice versa. Using a comb or your fingers to hold your hair as you cut is necessary to get scene side swept bangs.

scene side swept bangs style Scene Side Swept Bangs and How to Style It


If you want to get the common look in scene side swept bangs, you can blow dry your bangs to one side, be it left or right, and leave the lenght slightly above the eye. You can also add some personalization, like dyeing the bangs. Scene side is well known in black or dark color. However, if you want to get bolder, you can use more vibrant color, like red, purple, or neon light colored. You can also try the new trend, ombre. Ombre style is when your hair is dyed darker at the bottom and it gets lighter as it reaches the top. When it comes to the color, usually ombre is closely related to blonde. However, mostly people would love to experiment with new colors, and even there are some of them who use two or more colors in ombre style. You can choose the perfect coloring for your scene side swpet bangs.

scene side swept bangs ideas Scene Side Swept Bangs and How to Style It

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