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Rocker Hairstyles for Women Updo in Edgy Looks

Friday, 19 July 2013, 10:55 | Updo Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 6684 Times
by nissa

Rocker hairstyles for women updo have become the new way to style your hair. Rocker style usually includes messy flair and the up sections in the crown. It means that you should use gel or pomade to get this style. Why is it so popular these days? It is because this hairstyle needs low maintenance. Of course if you have short hair. The most common things that you can see in this style are flipped hair tips, asymmetrical cuts, and sparse layers. Moreover, you should also use the hair color to get the funky look. Keep in mind that in rocker hairstyle, the hair color should be as bold and unique as possible.

rocker hairstyles women updo long hair Rocker Hairstyles for Women Updo in Edgy Looks

First, you can choose the cuts of rocker hairstyles for women updo in layered styles. The variations of this style have teased or sleek. Those are meant to underline and spotlight the groovy hair tips. If you want to increase your hair volume and get the edgy style at the same time, you can ask the hair stylist to give you the razor cut. No matter whether your hair is long or short, this will look nice in choppy layers. To dye your hair, you can get lowlights or highlights since it can add the texture to the locks.

rocker hairstyles women updo with bangs Rocker Hairstyles for Women Updo in Edgy Looks

To get the popular rocker updo, you may try to get rock doll. The important point to get this updo is having the unique and creative style that will represent the rebellious attitude of rocker. Keep in mind that getting rocker hairstyle does not mean that you should leave your feminine style. Rock doll has managed to combine edgy and feminine style. The fine lines can be shaped either with super sleek or curly style. Make sure that you combine this with colorful streaks. Side swept bangs are the important things in rocker style. However, to make it look edgy, you should make asymmetrical bangs and the length should be longer than the usual side bangs. To get another style, you can roll up your hair by using the hairspray to make it stay up like another edgy rocker hairstyles for women updo.

rocker hairstyles for women updo curly hair Rocker Hairstyles for Women Updo in Edgy Looks

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