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Reddy Brown Hair and How to Get It

Tuesday, 8 October 2013, 12:10 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 9776 Times
by nissa

Reddy brown hair is the combination of red, brown, and you can even add a bit of purple. This is also known as burgundy. Though this color is quite popular, you should know that achieving burgundy is not that easy unless your hair is medium to light brown. Each hair color has different treatment to get burgundy color. No matter if it is your natural hair color or it is the previous color you applied in your hair, sometimes you need an extra hair coloring product before you apply the burgundy color. However, good news for you who have medium to light brown hair color. It is because those hair colors are easy to combine with burgundy without applying previous extra hair color.

reddy brown hair color Reddy Brown Hair and How to Get It

For those who have blonde hair, you should color your hair in red red color first. Or, you can apply neutral brown color. The previous color you choose can determine how bold the burgundy you need to be. That step is meant for the light blonde ones. If you have dark blonde hair, you can apply shade of blonde burgundy. It is the blonde color with reddy brown hair underneath. Keep in mind that if you do not apply the previous color to neutralize the light blonde, you will end up having the weird purple hair instead of cool burgundy.

reddy brown hair extensions Reddy Brown Hair and How to Get It

If you have black or very dark hair, it is even more difficult to get than the blonde hair. You need to get the most vibrant color to get the expected result. If you directly apply the burgundy hair color products that are available in the market, chances are you will end up in very dark brown. Bold burgundy can be achieved by using the shade of reddish purple or violet. It may be the color that you do not want, but it is a demi permanent coloring. It means that the color will wash out gradually. And when it has washed out, you will get the great vibrant color. Bleaching is not recommended since too light hair will only make your hair turn into blonde instead of reddy brown hair.

reddy brown hair with blonde highlights Reddy Brown Hair and How to Get It


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