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Red Violet Hair Color Ideas and the Considerations

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by nissa

Red violet hair dye ideas are actually numerous. You just have to be creative to mix this and that to get the certain look. There are many red-headed celebrities to make you get inspired. However, before you get too far with hair color methods, it is important for you to consider your skin tone, your eyes color, and natural hair color. Changing your hair into red violet is not that easy. To find what your skin tone is, it is best for you to look at your vein in your arm in natural lighting. Your skin tone is categorized as warm if you see green veins. Cool skin tone is when you see blue veins.

red violet hair color dye ideas Red Violet Hair Color Ideas and the Considerations

After finding out your skin tone, you should know that red violet hair dye ideas will work perfectly well with those who have cool skin tone. If you have cool skin tone, the undertones includes blue or pink. This kind of skin tone is great with not only red violet, but also dark browns, dark violets, and dark red. On the contrary, if you have warm skin tone, it is better for you to avoid red violet color and the other tones aforementioned. Due to the fact that warm skin tone has golden or yellow undertones, this will work with copper red, golden browns, or golden blondes.

red violet hair color with highlights ideas Red Violet Hair Color Ideas and the Considerations

When it comes to your eyes color, the great news is red violet can work well with any eye color. Any eye color with dark skin is a great combination for violet color as well as mahogany shades. For those who have hazel eyes and medium skin as well as blue eyes and pale skin, it is not recommended to have red violet hair since your entire look will be messed up. Blue eyes and pale skin is best with blonde tones, while hazel eyes and medium skin looks great with copper tones or dark blonde. For natural hair color, red violet hair can be the best replacement for those who have medium ash, dark brown, golden blonde, or bluish black hair. After considering those factors, now you can start to get red violet hair dye ideas.  Red Violet Hair Color Ideas and the Considerations

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