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Red Highlights in Brown Hair in Various Styles

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by nissa

Red highlights in brown hair are the perfect combination that can be matched with any hair type. Moreover, this hair color combination can also give you the expressive and bold look since red is the peculiar and shade look and it will give the contrast yet balanced and stunning look with brown hair. Keep in mind that red is the most perfect match with brown than with brunette or blonde. When it comes to the highlights style, you can get the red in blended look or in streaky style.

red highlights in brown hair tumblr Red Highlights in Brown Hair in Various Styles

The highlight depends on your personal taste. If you want the red highlights placed in the lighter side, then you should get some fringes in red color. You can highlight your fringe bangs in red tone or the mix of with caramel or blonde to get the super stylish look. If you want the highlights to be blended, you should choose the tone of red. In fact, there are three kinds of red tones and only one of them that is the natural red. If you want to look bold with red highlights in brown hair, you should choose the boldest type of red, which is actually not natural. If you want to get classier look, you can get the underside red highlights. This is also known as peek-a-boo highlights where it appears in the bottom of your back hair.

red highlights in brown hair ideas Red Highlights in Brown Hair in Various Styles

If you want to get the emo style, you can get crazy with your hair color. The red highlights are usually in streaky style and they can be placed randomly in all over your hair. You can also get the red highlights on the edges. To get this, you should have the side swept bangs. The red highlights are put in the edges of the bangs in streaky style. Besides the bang, you can also highlight the edges of your hair in the bottom. The color should be made as contrast as possible, which means that the hair should be in darker brown while the highlight should be the red-red. Those red highlights in brown hair styles aforementioned can be done right at your home easily.

red highlights in brown hair natural Red Highlights in Brown Hair in Various Styles


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