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Red Hair Color Women and the Makeup Tips

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by nissa

Red hair color women should know the certain makeup tips to get the best look that complement their whole style. If you are a redhead, you should know which shade you have. The shades of red include true red, violet red, and copper. Copper is considered as the natural shade of red. Violet red is the color that has very dark and deep red that you usually see as the highlights. And for the true red, that is also known as red reds, is the red vibrant color. Violet red and true red are not the natural red shade. However, the shade whether it is natural or not will determine the options of your color palette.

red hair color ideas black women Red Hair Color Women and the Makeup Tips

First, it is the color palette that you should consider. You should make it as natural as possible since your redhead has caught the attention. Green eyes are the best complement for redhead. Black mascara is a must. Mettalic color in any shade can give you the daring look. Now, let’s start with your brows. It is recommended for you to have colored brow that is a shade darker than your hair shade. You should also use tinted mascara to get the colored brow without getting too much. Next, it is your complexion that should be chosen. Naturally, red hair color women have freckles. It depends on you to have higher pigment to conceal it or just get sheer coverage. However, you should avoid concealer that has extreme coverage in certain sport and powder in other areas.

red hair color african american women Red Hair Color Women and the Makeup Tips

Now, let’s move to your eyes area. Getting warm colored brows is important, but make sure that you get minimal makeup. You can use copper or orange tones as the eye shadow to enhance the green color in your eyes. When it comes to the lipstick and cheek shade, you still can use any product and shade that you usually use. However, it is important to know that every shade in your face will look more vibrant than when you had the previous hair color. Just make sure that above anything else, red hair color women can never go out without applying sunscreen.

red hair color for women over 40 Red Hair Color Women and the Makeup Tips


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