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Purple Hair Ideas Korean

Thursday, 6 June 2013, 18:33 | Short Hairstyles | Comments Off | Read 56 Times
by Nida

Purple Hair Ideas in Korea is currently one of the the Qibla style, in Asian countries, even less so there are some European countries are also oriented to the Korean style. Can not deny of either appearing Korean Boyband be so recognized by the World mainly in the field of Fashion.

korean Purple Hair Ideas Purple Hair Ideas Korean

For the K-popers who want style as artists, moreover want the same hairstyle as they are, we’ve got ya its coverage. For in the year 2013 seems to be trendy Purple Hair Ideas. Why is that? It is seen from several artists who began coloring her hair purple. The first one there Sunny SNSD, who suddenly dyed her hair purple when she will perform at SM Town Singapore yesterday. And when seen from this photo that allegedly as SNSD’s comeback teaser photo for hair color is purple Sunny.

Sunny Purple Hair Ideas Purple Hair Ideas Korean

In addition, Sunny there is also Sulli. Although in fact her hair color is actually white, but seen from far away, her hair color is light purple. Playwright’s To The Beautiful You cut her hair short for her role in the drama. And she dyed her hair purple for a magazine photo shoot.

Sulli Purple Hair Ideas Purple Hair Ideas Korean

The next one there too Minzy, 2NE1 which at Melon Awards event, performing with her ​​purple hair. Having never dyed her hair gray now Minzy dyed her hair purple. She looks more fresh with this new hair look.

minzy Purple Hair Ideas Purple Hair Ideas Korean

And lastly there the Leader of the BIG BANG G-Dragon who dyed her hair purple. BIG BANG Leader is indeed often makes new things that sometimes unexpected by others. So it looks like the Purple Hair Ideas trends this year. Create K-popers purple hair color could be an alternative you in the new year with K-Pop artists you guys.

Purple Hair Ideas Men Korean Purple Hair Ideas Korean


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