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Purple and Brunette Hair Color

Monday, 17 June 2013, 15:54 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 3756 Times
by Nida

It is true that if we dye our hair, we transform our personality and behavior too. Well, specialists proved that both our skin complexion and hair color have a big influence on the blood pressure. Just like adrenaline can change our emotions and feelings.

Purple and brunette hair color is a great and easy way to transform a person’s look without changing hairstyle or hair length. The cosmetic industry has made it very easy for women nowadays to change their hair color in virtually minutes. You can go from one or two  color to another whenever you feel the need of a change of appearance. There are two options to get two color on your hair when it comes to coloring the hair: you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home or you can visit a salon for a professional job.

purple and brunette hair 1 Purple and Brunette Hair Color

Purple and brunette hair are characterized by a strong personality and are usually interested in the subtle mechanisms of humanity and their spiritual evolution. This is why, they are more into domains such as psychology or medicine. They can also have interest in history, religion, poetry, and painting. Despite their high sense of responsibility, they tend to be melancholic and sometimes they become insecure of their own abilities.

purple and brunette hair 2 Purple and Brunette Hair Color

Fond of colorful purple and brunette hair highlights. Then the purple hair color trend will serve as the best inspiration to add a patch of color to boring days. From the vibrating to the muted tones, all will have the desired effect when paired with the right skin tone and hair texture. Alternative hair styling is famous for the non-conformist attitude towards hair shades as well as cutting techniques, so why not adopt one of these fabulous hairdos both for a special event or to perk up our life.

purple and brunette hair 3 Purple and Brunette Hair Color

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