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Organic Hair Color for Safer Usage

Monday, 5 August 2013, 16:47 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 6308 Times
by nissa

Organic hair color is actually the coloring products that were made from natural elements like herbs or vegetables. As you may have known, there are many natural elements in all around us that can be used as the natural coloring products, like honey, tea, lemon, and such. However, you need extra effort to make the mixture by yourself. If you do not want to complicate yourself by finding and mixing those natural elements but you want to get healthy and beautiful at the same time, it is recommended for you to use organic coloring products. Organic products will not only be safe for your health, but also for the environment.

organic hair color brands Organic Hair Color for Safer Usage

Chemical hair coloring contains chemical substances like peroxide and ammonia that if they are used too often, it will not only damage your hair and the atmosphere in the environment, but also trigger cancer. This is actually horrifying. Sadly, if you visit the salons or hair colorist professional, they always use the chemical hair coloring and do not provide organic hair color. There are many reasons why they do this. Some of them maybe because organic coloring products are not expensive, so it will not give many profits. Plus, salons or professional hair colorists are known as their best result. Best result means temporary hair color. Organic coloring products may not be as strong as chemical products to produce vibrant and vivid hair color. That is why most people tend to ignore organic coloring products.

organic hair color products Organic Hair Color for Safer Usage

One of the coloring products is henna. It will give you natural hair color. Yet, it does not last long. As an organic coloring product, henna does not penetrate to the cuticle of the hair. In fact, it only sticks to the shaft of hair. That is why it is easy to remove. If you see many hair coloring products that stated they are organic but the result is meant for semi-permanent or even permanent colors, chances are the products are not worth to buy if you are looking for the real organic color product. That is why, to be safe, it is recommended for you to mix your own organic hair color at home from natural elements.

organic hair color 2013 Organic Hair Color for Safer Usage

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