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Ombre Hair Color and the Considerations

Monday, 5 August 2013, 10:33 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 8616 Times
by nissa

Ombre hair color, everybody loves that. It is the new way to make your hair different yet beautiful at the same time. You can choose the shades from various color charts. Before you start to go ombre, you should know first that it is actually the gradient color in your hair, if you do not know yet. Ombre itself is the term from French that means shadow. This hair color has darker tone in the roots and as the hair reaches the bottom, it will get lighter. Commonly, people will combine brown and blonde as bronde, is also the new hair craze that will complement ombre look.

ombre hair color tumbrl Ombre Hair Color and the Considerations

First, consider the texture and type of your hair first. Keep in mind that short hair cut will never work with ombre style. You should have at least shoulder length to have this style. Next, your profession and aspirations will also play a great role in your decision to go ombre. Since this hair color will make you look more noticeable, you should know whether it is OK to wear this color in your work place. Next, find your inspiration. There are many celebrities out there who have worn ombre hair color. Choose one that you like and bring along her pictures with her ombre hair exposed to your colorist. Keep in mind that ombre hair needs more attention to do it. That is why it does not make sense if you assume the colorist will understand the ombre you want just by explaining to him/her verbally.

ombre hair color style Ombre Hair Color and the Considerations

Next, it is the challenging part. You should find the shade that can complement your complexion. You can choose one from the recommended three shades. For winter, you should pick cooler shades in ash tones, and for the warmer months, you can choose more vibrant and lighter shades. The three shades include fair maiden, caramel tone, and chocolate tone. If you hair had been colored before, you cannot get the perfect ombre effect without getting the color correction at the salon before. Keep in mind that though getting ombre hair color is possible at home, it is always recommended to visit the colorist for the best result.

ombre hair color technique for professional Ombre Hair Color and the Considerations



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