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Natural Blonde Hair Dye Methods at Home

Wednesday, 10 July 2013, 9:56 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 3160 Times
by nissa

Natural blonde hair dye means you do not have to spend much time and money to visit the colorist and stylist to dye your hair. This is useful if you want to color your hair to cover gray, for instance, yet you do not want to add any chemical substance to your body. There are several methods that you can apply at home with the natural elements. Getting natural blonde shade is not as difficult as most people think. Here are some tips that you should know.

natural blonde hair dye recipe Natural Blonde Hair Dye Methods at Home

First, use the ray of sunlight to help you lighten your hair. Keep in mind that plenty of sun will make your hair look lighter. That is why in the summertime it is recommended for you to get as much as possible the exposure of sunlight. This answers why seems that hair color gets darker in fall or winter since there is less sun and people prefer to stay at home. Or, you can use lemon as natural blonde hair dye. If your natural hair color is blonde, though it may not be in the shade you want, you can use lemon to get the lighter blonde. On the contrary, this method is not recommended if your natural hair is not blonde, because the hair color will turn into a weird color you have never thought before.

natural blonde hair dye lemon Natural Blonde Hair Dye Methods at Home

Cassia is also known as the plant that can turn your hair into beautiful golden blonde. In fact, cassia is widely processed, packaged, and sold in local drugstores, so you can instantly apply it. Or, you can get the cassia powder to get your own mix dyeing method. This mix process includes chamomile tea in paste form blended with cassia powder. To get different results, you can also add certain herbs. For instance, cinnamon is useful to get auburn tones or faint red. Chamomile leaves can enhance the blonde tones. And to cover the odor, you can apply powdered cloves. No matter what kind of herbs you use in your mixture method, make sure that it is safe to give you beautiful natural blonde hair dye.

natural blonde hair dye to cover grey Natural Blonde Hair Dye Methods at Home

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