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Miliary Mens Haircuts for You to Choose

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by nissa

Military mens haircuts have many variations. Most of you would usually think that military haircut should be as short as possible with at least 1 inch of hair left. In fact, there are many hairstyles that you can choose with that style. This haircut is always the trend through the ages among men since it will make you look well groomed. Here are the choices of stylish cuts that you can get.

military mens haircuts ideas Miliary Mens Haircuts for You to Choose

If you do not want to get too short style, you can try flat tops. However, to get this haircut, you need the professional stylist or at least a barber to help you since you cannot do this cut by yourself. This haircut includes the not-so-short hair while the top of it is made flat like a board surface. The sides of the hair should be cut very short that tends to be bald. The challenging part of this cut is the head is round, yet you should make your hairstyle is as flat as possible. To get the upgraded version, you can try to get horseshoe flat top. It includes the U shaped that is styles in front of the hair that looks like a horseshoe in military mens haircuts.

military mens haircuts cool Miliary Mens Haircuts for You to Choose

On the other hand, if you want your hair to be almost bald, you can try to have high and tight haircut. This is meant for the serious soldier. That is why this cut is referred to hardcore military. To get this, you need to cut your hair almost bald, but make sure that the hair top is longer than both sides. The hair top can be styled up and high, though it should be at least 1 cm long. To get cooler look, you can try to get buzz cut. This is actually the standard and traditional cut of military haircut. However, this will also give you the masculine look that most women cannot resist. Last, it is crew cut that you may consider. If you are very active, then it is recommended to have this haircut since it is simple, efficient, and needs low maintenance at the same time. It includes super fine layers. Now, it is you to choose which military mens haircuts that you choose.

military mens haircuts 2013 Miliary Mens Haircuts for You to Choose

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