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Medium Thin Hairstyles Ideas for Women

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by nissa

Medium thin hairstyles should be created to add more volume in your hair. That is why you should consult with your stylist which style that you must and must not have. In fact, adding more volume in your thin hair easily is by cutting your hair short. This is the recommended way since short hair looks more thick and voluminous. However, if you do not want to cut your hair, maybe you can try to have medium bob cuts. This bob haircut is great for those who have fine and straight hair. To get the stylish look, you can also add some slicks in your bob haircut. The most important thing is you should avoid layered cut in medium to long hair. It is because layered cut in medium to long hair will only make your hair look even thinner.

medium thin hairstyles for women Medium Thin Hairstyles Ideas for Women

Angled bob combined with side swept bangs or bold fringe bangs is also a great idea for medium thin hairstyles. Why is bang so important? It is because the bold fringe or side swept bangs will make your hair look voluminous in the front and at the same time will distract people’s attention from the rest of your hair. If you have curls locks, you should treat your hair with extra care. However, medium length hair is always a great idea for curly hair and you can use rollers to add even more bouncy loose curls in your hair to add extra volume. If you use the rollers, you should pin your hair right after you remove your rollers because thin curly hair easily lose after some time.

medium thin hairstyles for prom Medium Thin Hairstyles Ideas for Women

Next, you can consider to have crop haircut if you have oval face. Besides adding more volume in your thin hair, this haircut can also emphasize your facial features. Tapered cut is one of the crop hairstyles that is perfect for those who have curly or wavy hair since it will give you the natural bouncy curls. If you want to look more edgy, you can try to have asymmetrical bob cut. This haircut will give fullness and extra width in the bottom of your hair. If you prefer to have bangs, it is better to be long and tucked behind the ears to increase even more volume as medium thin hairstyles.

medium thin hairstyles 2013 Medium Thin Hairstyles Ideas for Women

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