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Medium Purple Hair Highlights

Saturday, 3 August 2013, 11:13 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 7251 Times
by nissa

Medium purple hair is commonly found on the street nowadays. It has become something popular. If you want to highlight your hair with purple, there are some things that you should notice before. First, there are many shades of purple. Lighter ones may not be matched with darker complexion and vice versa. That is why it is recommended for you to get the medium one since it can work well in both dark and light complexion. Medium purple color is the tone which it is not too vibrant and not too dark.

medium purple hair trends Medium Purple Hair Highlights

To get medium purple hair, you may need to mix purple bold color with burgundy. The result is awesome. Or, you can also mix darker purple with lighter blue hues. If you want to look more noticeable in the street, try to have multicolored hair that creates ombre look. For the root,  you can get aquatic tone. For the middle part, you can get huckleberry blue. And for the bottom part, you can apply raspberry tone. Or, you can also mix plum tone with darker purple, like burgundy. Combination of violet and uv pink is also a nice idea. The result is bluish dark purple. To get lighter look than the previous combination, you can combine blue and purple. Both of them in dark tones. They will give you the perfect purple for your hair.

medium purpple hair ideas Medium Purple Hair Highlights

When it comes to the highlights, you can choose whether it will be blended or in streaky style. As you may have known, purple highlights streaks can be combined with other colors and it works well with darker undertones. On the other hand, blended purple highlights may cover up your natural hair color. This is perfect if you want to look bolder and more expressive. If you choose streaky style, there are many variations that you can get. Peek-a-boo hair color is when the highlights are placed beneath the hair in the back of your hair. Or, maybe you can highlight your side swept bangs in purple streaks to get the emo look. Ombre effect in the bottom of your hair is also nice on medium purple hair.

medium purple hair 2013 Medium Purple Hair Highlights

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