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Mad Men Hairstyles Retro

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by Nida

These days, it’s really important to have a haircut that you like. Lots of people like modeling themselves after various celebrities. Depending on what your style is, you could get your hair cut really short, or leave it shoulder length. If you watch a lot of modern television, then you may be interested in the different Mad Men hairstyles for men & women. Generally, the men and ladies of mad men have haircuts resembling fashion styles from the business world of the 1960s. This includes advertising agencies with men donning short haircuts and business suits. They wear well tailored suits, pocket squares, and each have a skinny tie. This makes the look sleek, sophisticated, and even manly.

handsome Mad Men Hairstyles Mad Men Hairstyles Retro

The hair cut is what sets these men apart from characters in other shows. This classic look gives off the look of masculinity, and almost defines the attitude of each male character in the show. There is a certain form of masculine energy that surrounds each man as they enter the world of advertising every day. The main character Don Draper would probably have a much different persona if he had long hair down past his shoulders. Even if he had a buzz cut he would probably be a much different character than the person he is depicted as in the show.

Mad Men Hairstyles tumblr Mad Men Hairstyles Retro

It’s really important that you get the right kind of hair product if you want to get a Mad Men Hairstyles. This means getting either some kind of hair gel or a pomade solution. Some people find that pomade is a bit too greasy for them, so they prefer using a lighter gel. Experiment with different products and see which ones look the best on you. You will probably find that one looks better than the other.

old Mad Men Hairstyles Mad Men Hairstyles Retro

Get your hair wet and put some gel or pomade in it while it’s damp. Take the comb of your choice and part the hair on the left side of the face. Then, create a wave in the front by combing the bangs up and back toward the right side. To finish off the look, make sure you comb back each side of the hair. Be sure to look in the mirror to see that you got it right. If you did everything correctly, you should look just like the guys with Mad Men Hairstyles.

Pete Campbell Mad Men Hairstyles Mad Men Hairstyles Retro

sweet Mad Men Hairstyles Mad Men Hairstyles Retro

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