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Long Wide Sideburns Men Trends

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by nissa

Long wide sideburns men have been known as the sign of masculinity. Most people have related sideburns with Elvis Presley. You should know that like hairstyles, sideburns should also be matched with your face shape. It is because the sideburns can frame your face and make it look longer, rounder, wider, narrower, and such. You should know that the narrow sideburns are perfect for smaller face while the wider ones should be best for wide and long faces. Before you start to grow the sideburns and style it, it is better for you to know how to wear it.

long wide sideburns men trends Long Wide Sideburns Men Trends

After you have determined which sideburns that will suit your, you can visit your favorite barber and have the sideburn and tell him the exact shape and size you need for your sideburns. Keep in mind that the sideburns usually have wider bottom than its top. The width of the sideburns at the top should be about an inch while as it goes toward the bottom, it should be widened for about one and a half inch. Sideburns should be no longer than the earlobes. Do not forget to criticize your look in a mirror and trim a little if needed. It is true that long wide sideburns men have the great look. However, you should know that trimming your sideburns should be done each day when you are showering.

long wide sideburns men ideas Long Wide Sideburns Men Trends

When you trim your sideburns, you should apply the shaving cream before you use the razor to trim. Be very careful when you use the razor. Put it below the hair line and start to shave the stubble from the hairline with downward moving. After that, do the same technique on the other side until your face cleans enough. When the sideburns have gone grey, it means that you may stop. The silvery look in your sideburns is perfect. Keep in mind that it is not only hair that can be dyed, but also sideburns. You can dye your sideburns to make it more noticeable. However, it is important to know that long wide sideburns men should not have bald head.

long wide sideburns men 2013 Long Wide Sideburns Men Trends

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