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Long Thick Bob Hair and the Styling

Wednesday, 16 October 2013, 9:50 | Bobs Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 38 Times
by nissa

Long thick bob hair is one of the variations a bob cut can give. As you may have known, though classic bob is also popular, but nowadays we have waves, deep parts, asymmetric, curls, and many more. But what should you do with your thick hair? Most people get the layer cuts here and there to decrease the volume. Layered bob is quite famous. You can get them in angle bob. The layers can also be focused around your face to make it look slimmer if you have round face.

long thick bob hair 2013 Long Thick Bob Hair and the Styling

If you want to style it in curly style, you can style it with hold gel. First, start with your damp hair. Next, blow dry your hair with round brush as your part your hair into 4 sections. Curl each section with curling iron start from the back head. After each section has curled stylishly, you should wait until they are cool enough to apply the pomade. Scrunch your curls and smooth the front side to the other side to create the sleek look. For the finish, you can use hairspray to make sure that your curly style last all day long. This style can be applied to medium to long thick bob hair.

long thick bob hair ideas Long Thick Bob Hair and the Styling

For flowing and soft style, you should wash your hair first with shampoo and conditioner to soften the hair. Next, you can apply the mousse from the roots to the bottom of your hair. Blow dry your hair with round brush. To make it easier, you can part your hair into several sections and blow dry each section. When drying, make sure that you lift up your hair. This will give the extra volume for your hair, just in case you need more volume in your thick hair. After your hair is completely dried, you can curl the end of the hair with curling iron. While you are waiting for your hair to cool, you can apply the hairspray. Last, shake your roots and put your curls around your face. You can apply a bit of hairspray again for finish. Styling long thick bob hair is not quite challenging if you know how to handle it.

long thick bob hair trends Long Thick Bob Hair and the Styling

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