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Long Romantic Wedding Hair Trendy Ideas

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by nissa

Long romantic wedding hair has many variations of styles that you can choose from chignon, bun, braids, twists, and the combinations of all of them. Yet, it is the ideas of styling your hair in the most beautiful way that may be quite challenging. If you want to look simple yet stunning, you can apply the simple embellished braid. Braids in this hairstyle are not complicated. Just braid your hair like usual and add the flowers in it, whether it is natural or artificial. To make it more attractive, you can choose the flowers’ color that can complement your wedding gown. Make sure that you arrange the flowers in your braid creatively, whether it is in order from top to bottom or randomly.

long romanti wedding hairstyles for long hair Long Romantic Wedding Hair Trendy Ideas

Do you want something more gorgeous? Maybe you can try waterfall braid. This hairstyle is also known as cascade braid. This is one of the trends when it comes to long romantic wedding hair. It will look better if you have straight hair, so the long hair will fall into its place perfectly without any flyaway. However, if you want to curl your hair, make sure that you create the cute ringlets in the bottom of your hair and make the top of it stay straight.

long romantic wedding updos hair Long Romantic Wedding Hair Trendy Ideas

If you want to look more traditional and cultural, you can try South Indian braid. This actually only consists of simple braid that is long enough until the bottom of your hair. To make it look adorable, you can add special and traditional jewelry pieces or fresh flowers and any hair pieces. The Braid’s base can be secured with clasp. Besides the fresh flowers that you use as the accessories, you can also apply sweet natural flowers, like jasmine or rose, which is entwined through the braid. If you are not into braids, you can try to have sleek hairstyle. This is suitable for those who have dead straight hair. This hairstyle needs the polished and super straight sleek hair that hangs like it is. That is why this is also known as open hairstyle. You can add some jewelry, like pearl or any headpiece, or simply wear a veil to complement this long romantic wedding hair.

long romantic wedding hair ideas1 Long Romantic Wedding Hair Trendy Ideas

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