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Long Layered Haircuts That Are Worth to Try

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by nissa

Long layered haircuts is known as the way to balance the volume of your hair if you have thick hair. There are many ideas that you can get if you want to layer your hair. The great thing about having layered hair is, it can also frame your face and make your round face look longer and thinner if you put the layers in face area. Nevertheless, before you go to the hair stylist and ask for this cut, you should also know that layered cut is not recommended if you have thin and long hair. It is because layer in long hair can make it look even thinner, unlike its effect in short hair that can make your hair more voluminous.

long layered haircuts tumblr Long Layered Haircuts That Are Worth to Try

In spite of that fact, it is the time for you to get some inspirations for long layered haircuts. First, you can combine your long layered hair with long side swept bangs. This is the perfect and most common combination for layer haircuts. To get this style, you just have to apply the hair creme for smoothing effect and blow dry your hair using round and large brush. Next, if you have dead straight hair, you can get it with long layered bang as well. To get this style, you just have to use flattening iron. If you have wavy hair, then make your layer as the frame of your face. No need to have bang. Instead, get the middle or side parting. Just use smoothing creme and round and large brush to blow dry your hair.

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If you have medium hair length with natural big and loose curls, you can get the layer with straight side parting style in the way that the curls can bounce freely in your shoulder. If you have spiral curls or just style your hair the way it is, you need layered waves that will accentuate your hair waves. To get this style, you should blow dry your hair first and get spiral curling iron to make the beautiful spiral ringlets in your hair. Keep in mind that those long layered haircuts ideas aforementioned should be cut by the professional at the salon.

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