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Long Bob Hairstyles with Fringe for Round face

Monday, 2 September 2013, 15:10 | Bobs Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 95 Times
by nissa

Long bob hairstyles with fringe is always nice with and can highlight your neck and jawline. Actually, bob is the timeless haircut that can be matched with any kind of face shape. However, if you have round face and you want to look thinner, long bob is the great choice. Moreover, fringe can also help frame your face. Here are some ideas that you can get in long bob with fringe. You should know that to get the variations of bob, the styling does matter. You can blow dry your bob to get the straight finish, or you can let it dry naturally so the finish will be wavy. The better is, you can use flat iron to smooth the top and use curling iron to create the bouncy curls in the bottom.

long bob hairstyles with fringe 2013 Long Bob Hairstyles with Fringe for Round face

If you want to go bold, you can use asymmetrical long bob hairstyles with fringe . This long bob involves dead straight hair and very short bangs in the left and as it reaches the right, it goes longer. To style it that way, use medium paddle brush while drying your hair start from the bangs. Do the brushing forward. For those who have the front cowlicks, take and move the brush in your bangs back and forth when you dry. This is the best way to get the smooth bang. After your hair is dried, you can use the flat iron to handle the cuticle, so you will get the glossy look. Now, you should use heat protecting spray right before you use the flat iron to smooth your hair.

long bob hairstyles with side fringe Long Bob Hairstyles with Fringe for Round face

Beach wavy style will also turn every head on you. This style includes bouncy curls in all over your hair while your bang is full and straight. To get this done, you need the curling iron to make your hair curl and neat at the same time. Do not forget to apply heat protector before it to avoid your hear getting damaged. To get the best hairstyle, you should also consider the color. Play with tone and highlights to enhance the look of your long bob hairstyles with fringe.

long bob hairstyles with full fringe Long Bob Hairstyles with Fringe for Round face

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