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Little Girl Short Haircuts Various Ideas

Monday, 9 September 2013, 14:39 | Children Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 5634 Times
by nissa

Little girl short haircuts do not have to be bob all the time. It is true that bob is the classic cut that can be suited for girls in any age. However, there are still many ideas of short haircut that you should explore. In fact, short haircut is the perfect choice for little girls because their facial features and shapes are not developed yet. If you want cuter look in bob, then you can try this voluminous wavy side parted bob. This cut is easy to manage and surely will give your daughter a cute look. However, keep in mind that this needs consistent cut to keep the length as it is.

little girl short haircut 2013 Little Girl Short Haircuts Various Ideas

It is also great if you want to emphasize your daughter’s chubby face by adding bangs in little girl short haircuts. The full bangs in the length far above the eyebrows will highlight your daughter’s baby fat. The shorter the full bangs, the chubbier your daughter will look. Or, side fringe is nice too if you want to get cuter look. Those bangs variations can be combined with straight and voluminous bob or wavy bob. You should use comb that has wide tooth and blow dry the hair with round brush. Do not forget to roll the bottom of hair toward the face.

little girl short haircut with bangs Little Girl Short Haircuts Various Ideas

Next, why do not you try pixie? Pixie is the best option if your daughter is over-active. It is because this super short haircut will not limit their moves. Adding bangs is unnecessary if you want an efficient haircut since bangs, especially the side swept or longer fringe, can block the eyes and can be dangerous at some points. Pixie can be fit to any hair texture. Do not add too many styles and layers in the haircut because it will only make your daughter look more mature than her real age. For African American little girls, the best short haircut include Afro style. Their curly natural hair tends to have more volume. That is why most African American parents use braids in their little girl short haircuts to keep the hair neat and stay in its place.

little girl short haircut pictures Little Girl Short Haircuts Various Ideas

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