Light Purple Hair Dye

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by Nida

From amethyst to Light Purple HairAi??plums this hue of color is making waveai??i??s not only in makeup and nail colors but itai??i??s popping up in hair color. It is a bit different then the past violet shades we have been doing, this year purples and plums are more vibrant, intense and not for the shy, however having said that I always believe a variation of the colors can work on anyone, whether soft or bold itai??i??s become popular and not just for Goth and Punk as it has shown up on the runways.

cool light purple hair Light Purple Hair Dye

Light Purple HairAi??comes in many forms. For me, it’s all about wigs on Halloween exclusively. But manyAi??starsAi??have taken the plunge and tried lavender, lilac, magenta and grape-colored permanent dye. WhileAi??Katy Perry,Ai??Kelly OsbourneAi??andAi??Azealia BanksAi??committed to the hue, dying their whole heads, other stars (likeAi??Christina AguileraAi??andAi??Demi Lovato) tried dip-dye, ombre andAi??streaks.

cute light purple hair Light Purple Hair Dye

Light Purple HairAi??is currently a hot trend, and these ladies aren’t the first to sport the color. Take a look at the photos below to seeAi??Cyndi Lauper,Ai??Claire Danes,Ai??Diana RossAi??and more stars withAi??purple hair.Ai??Want to dye your hair purple? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair in purple shades, what hair dye color they used and how they did it. Many of the hair dyes vary according to your natural hair color and how you apply them.

light purple hair image Light Purple Hair Dye


We’ve included some variations of purple with some burgundy, dark pink and blue tints along with many photos of mixed purple colors and faded colors. Dye colors such as burgundy wine, virgin rose, and wildflower tend to vary sometimes leaning toward more red, pink, or blue.

light purple hair photo Light Purple Hair Dye

light purple hair picture Light Purple Hair Dye

light purple hair tumblr Light Purple Hair Dye

pastel light purple hair Light Purple Hair Dye

punk light purple hair Light Purple Hair Dye


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