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Light Hair with Blue Highlights Great Ideas

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by nissa

Light hair with blue highlights is considered as the expressive and extreme combination when it comes to hair color. However, this is not so new at all. In fact, through these years people have come to know that blue is the right hue to get the bold color in your hair. However, the coloring technique in the past days was not as modern as today. It means that if you want to change your look with blue hair color now, you can get the best whether it is for temporary or semi-permanent. What makes blue tone so popular is the fact that this tone can be matched with almost any skin tone as well as eye color. However, you should know that darker tones of blue look perfect on fair skin and lighter tones of blue can be matched well with dark skin. To get more subtle effect, you can get the blue highlights in streaky style.

light blue with blue highlights ideas Light Hair with Blue Highlights Great Ideas

Here are some ideas to get light hair with blue highlights. If you want the highlights to be blended in all over your hair, then you should consider having balayage coloring technique. You can get pale blue hair that blends in all over your hair. This looks flattering if you have fair skin tone. It is also important for you to use eye liner and mascara to brighten up the eyes. It is useful to avoid being washed out. If you want it to be more extreme, you can get multi colored hair. Make sure that the colors you choose compliment each other. The recommended colors are light blues, dark blues, purples, and magentas. All colors should be blended by breaking your hair up into some sections and each color fills each section up.

light hair with blue highlights 2013 Light Hair with Blue Highlights Great Ideas

Do you want to look a bit ombre? You should try faded hair style. In the top of your hair, you should color it in natural hair color in light tones. And as your hair reaches the bottom, the color will gradually change from light blue in the top to darker blue to the bottom. Keep in mind that bold colors like blue fade easier. That is why having light hair with blue highlights is a recommended way if you hate regular touchups.

light brown hair with blue highlights Light Hair with Blue Highlights Great Ideas

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