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Light Brown Color Hair and Things You Should Know

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by nissa

Light brown color hair has been proven as the appealing hair color. That is why you will be likely to find this hair color in many actresses. In fact, there are many variations and shades of light brown that you can explore if you want to change your style. Some of them are café latte, espresso, and nougat. Golden is the most favorite shade because it seems natural and not too edgy. If you want to color your hair in light brown, there are some things that you should notice.

light brown color hair style Light Brown Color Hair and Things You Should Know

First, it is the shades that you should consider. If you want to enhance the warm look, then try to apply warm brown. If you have golden hair, then you can use olive complexions that come with golden or yellow tinge. Make sure that you avoid rosy complexion since it will not be suitable for light brown hair. Hairstyle is another thing that you should notice. Light brown color hair that comes with golden shimmer can look best in flowing styles and haircuts that are combined with feminine and young elements. The choices are plenty, from shaggy to braided hair. Moreover, this hair color will look best in curly or wavy hair. You can consider using iron curler to get the style.

best light brown color hair Light Brown Color Hair and Things You Should Know

Next, it is makeup that you should notice. Hair color and makeup are the combination that completes each other. For eye shadow, it is better for you to choose rosé, apricot, or bronze color. Those colors will fit perfectly to light brown hair. For lipstick, always stick with brown and rosé color. Bold red lipstick is the good option if you want to look more gorgeous. Last, here is the how-to if you want to color your hair in light brown. Tinting hair is the best way to get the stunning luster. Moreover, tinted hair is proven better to keep the color well. You can apply the intensive application of tinting to transform your hair color to light brown. Or, you can choose permanent hair colorant for longer period. With the right maintenance, you can get the intended light brown color hair.

light ash brown hair color Light Brown Color Hair and Things You Should Know

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