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Korean Auburn Hair Straight Ideas

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by Nida

Let discuss about Korean auburn hair straight. Auburn means blonde, but the blonde looks more red. Red hair has taken over the streets of Seoul. It’s not that everyone has changed to red hair, but those with perms, especially the younger and edgier, are sporting colored hair that is much redder than before. Actually, I started noticing this about two summers ago. Since I tend to take pictures of people who are more fashion forward than others, I noticed that some of the most edgy girls I was photographing had noticeably redder hair.

korean auburn hair straight extension Korean Auburn Hair Straight Ideas


ladies korean auburn hair straight Korean Auburn Hair Straight Ideas


And this was not just what Koreans call or the dark maroon or orange color streaking popular from the late-1990s, but really, really red hair. I mean, like Irish people living in Ireland red hair. I mean bright red, like a Japanese goldfish. Two years ago, the best example I saw was of the young lady wearing a very bright red hair wig. Just last weekend, I saw so many Korean auburn hair straight walking around with the same color, there were too many to count.

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Bom 2NE1 korean auburn hair straight Korean Auburn Hair Straight Ideas

One reason I actually like this Korean auburn hair straight is, unlike many trends that come and go here in Korea, this one actually looks good on Korean women, against Korean skin. I always think that mother nature is the best judge of beauty, and in this case, the trend seems to be in agreement with her. In nature, auburn hair always appears with very pale skin, and is this time of very little melanin. It’s common in Ireland, for example, and even among African-Americans who are albino, they often have red hair. And a lot of caucasian women in the US and Europe, especially those going for the Goth look or some such, dye their hair jet black and even get hard bangs or perm their hair straight.

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