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Kids Mohawk Haircuts Based on Hair Length

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by nissa

Kids Mohawk haircuts have become the new trend among kids these days. Though some people think that giving Mohawk cuts to kids is somewhat abusing, some people cannot deny that this can also add the cuteness to the little kids. In fact, there are many celebrities’ kids who have this kind of hairstyle. This is a modern hairstyle that can also be matched with the latest trends of fashion. If you want this on your kids, you should also consider their hair length. It is because Mohawk hairstyle is categorized based on the length of the hair.

kids mohawk haircuts pictures Kids Mohawk Haircuts Based on Hair Length

Short kids Mohawk haircuts are also known as faux-hawk. It is because this hairstyle is a fake Mohawk due to the fact that the short hair usually limits the Mohawk styling. To get this style, the hair of your kids should be cut shorter on both sides and remained longer in the top. That longer hair can be styled in the center of the head. This kind of Mohawk is less extreme since the longer hair on the top is not that long to be extremely unique while it is enough to look different and cute. That is why short Mohawk or faux-Mohawk like this is the most popular style among kids.

kids mohawk haircuts 2013 Kids Mohawk Haircuts Based on Hair Length

For medium Mohawk, this is actually like the basic Mohawk, but the long hair on top of the head is longer than faux-Mohawk. That is why it should be styled with gel or wax to make the hair stay up. Moreover, the hair on both sides should be cut very short almost bald. That is why the contrast looking is more vivid in this style than in faux-Mohawk. Last, it is long Mohawk. This is the most extreme kind of Mohawk when it comes to kids. It is because the longer the Mohawk, the more obvious it is. Since it is the kind of statement hairstyle, you should make sure that your kids wear it with style. Make sure that the hair on both sides is razor cut. You can start from a faux-hawk. Soon the hair will grow long and become long kids Mohawk haircuts.

 black kids mohawk haircuts Kids Mohawk Haircuts Based on Hair Length

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