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Informal Hair Updos for Women in This Summer

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by nissa

Informal hair updos for women can be worn in daily use. These hairdos are meant to be simple yet stylish. You do not have to spend much time in front of the mirror to style your hair. Here are some inspirations for you in this summer holiday. First, if you have long hair, maybe you can try bow hairstyle. You just have to take one small section of your hair from both sides of your head in the front, right above the ear and start from the hairline in the temple. Meet those two sections in the back of your hair and start to make a knot from them. Tying the knot with your own hair may be challenging. You need a hairspray to avoid the hair from being too sleek.

informal hair updos for long hair women Informal Hair Updos for Women in This Summer

Next, may be you can try the hairstyle of Jaime King. She looked gorgeous with her slicked back ponytail. To get the sleek hair, you just have to apply the light hair oil in to your locks and comb them with your fingers before you pull back your hair into ponytail. Do you want to look more chic in twist? You can part your hair in the center and take two small sections on both sides before you twist them to the back of your head and secure them with small bows or bobby pins. Last, you can pull back your hair using an elastic rubber. You can even get the variation by using the curling iron to make the curly style at the bottom of your hair in elegant informal hair updos for women.

informal hair updos for medium hair women Informal Hair Updos for Women in This Summer

If you have curly locks and you want it to look as natural as possible without using straightening iron, then you can create the top knot like Hayden Penettiere once did. The curls of your hair will make your knot look messy in sexy way. For those who have fringe and want to show off their bangs, then they can try the style of Sienna Miller. She did her hair in high chignon that was combined with fringe bangs and two left-out small section in both sides of your head. This is one of the best informal hair updos for women that you can wear when hanging out with friends.

informal hair updos for women over 501 Informal Hair Updos for Women in This Summer



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