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How to Do Ombre Hair Color Simply and Easily

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by nissa

How to do ombre hair color actually only needs some easy steps. You do not have to spend much time and money to visit the colorist and have your hair colored in ombre effect. Ombre, indeed, is a new hair color craze. It is when the hair has darker tone in the roots and it gets lighter as the hair reaches the end. Ombre is actually “shadow” in French. This is the gradient color that shifts from one shade to another. If you want to get one, it is better for you to find the inspirations first for your ideas. After that, you can start to do ombre right at your home.

how to do ombre hair color at home How to Do Ombre Hair Color Simply and Easily

First, choose one tone that you would like to have. Rachel Bilson and Lily Aldridge have the best ombre color with the combination of brunette and blonde. Get the photos of them when you dye your hair. Next, find the right hair coloring products. Keep in mind that if you have not done any coloring before, you should get the bleaching products. On the contrary, if your hair dyed and colored, you should visit a salon to get stripped for your hair. Next, apply about 80% bleaching product to your hair at least 3″ from roots. Leave the bleaching for about 30 minutes. After that, apply the rest of serum to your roots. If your hair is dark, you can repeat the applying process after your roots has done to your entire hair and focus on the bottom and leave it for 70 minutes in how to do ombre hair color process.

how to do ombre hair color yourself How to Do Ombre Hair Color Simply and Easily

Once it is done, you just have to wash your hair with a shampoo, apply the conditioner after that, and blow dry your hair. Next, apply the coloring product to your root in the entire head by parting your hair into several sections to make it easier. You can decide how dark your roots will be. You should make sure that the color blend by combing the rest of your hair with your fingers. Do not apply any dark hue in your hair bottom. Leave the coloring at least 30 minutes. Last, wash your hair again as the last process of how to do ombre hair color.

how to do ombre hair color technique How to Do Ombre Hair Color Simply and Easily


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