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Highlights with Black Hair and the Combinations

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by nissa

Highlights with black hair can transform your look wholly. If you have the natural black hair, lucky for you since the suitable highlights can be in any combination, tone, or color. It is because black is the natural color that can be easily matched with the other shades and colors. The highlights should represent your style and personality. When it comes to the choices, natural looking, dark, and light can be the consideration. If you want to go edgy, you can get the bold colors in the top of your hair that gradually changes to lighter color. On the contrary, if you want to look more natural, brown, caramel, and blonde are the common choices for the highlights.

highlights with black hair pictures Highlights with Black Hair and the Combinations

The ideas are unlimited. Magnificent color combines trendy blonde highlights with black hair. You can consider the hair cut as well. Asymmetric wavy and curly cuts look great with magnificent highlight. For the creative one, color like purple is the great highlight for their black hair. You can have your hair cut in layer with side swept bang. The trendy purple will enhance your look. For another combination in blonde highlights, you can also apply super shot idea. This is when the blonde highlights are applied in the front edges of your hairline. It will illuminate your face.

blonde highlights with black hair Highlights with Black Hair and the Combinations

Brown highlights can also be the great choice. You can choose the soft brown at the edges and bottoms of your hair. This is best applied for those who have curly short hair. The combination of hair style and hair color will make you look chic. If you want to look edgy and unusual, you can try multi color highlights. The colors can be the combinations of bold colors, like green, red, purple, and such. You should cut your hair in layer style. The multi colored can be highlighted from the top of hair or in the lower half. Reddish brown is perfect if you want to look different yet not too edgy. Caramel highlights can be applied in your side swept bangs. This is the kind of highlight for extravagant look. Caramel highlights with black hair are the common choices for Asian girls.

best highlights with black hair Highlights with Black Hair and the Combinations

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