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Highlights on Back of Hair Techniques

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by nissa

Highlights on back of hair are not that hard to get. This is also called as peek-a-boo highlight where the color only shows up a bit from the back of your hair. Most people think that this should be done by the professional since they cannot do the highlights on the spot where they cannot see. However, the process is not as difficult as you thought. You do not have to visit the colorist. Just ask your friend to do that for you. The most important part is you should find the right hair coloring products that will not damage your hair. There are several recommendations that you can get.

highlights on back of hair 2013 Highlights on Back of Hair Techniques

First, you should pin half of your top hair and the front hair up. After you have made sure that the pinned up hair will not fall down, you can start to apply the hair coloring products and leave it on your hair for some time. Keep in mind that choosing the safe hair coloring products is important since you should leave the coloring in a long time to get the brighter color. The longer you leave the coloring product on your hair, the longer lasting it will be. To get highlights on back of hair, you should separate the colored and uncolored parts of your hair. You can use the shower cap to separate them. Or, you can use 2 grocery bags. The first grocery bag is to cover the uncolored parts of your hair, while the other one is used to cover the entire hair. Leave it that way for about several hours.

highlights on back of hair ideas Highlights on Back of Hair Techniques

After that, before you rinse your hair, you should use hair dryer to go over the color. Last, just rinse out the color. You can use the recommended shampoo and conditioner that will maintain your colored hair. If, after some time, you want to dye your hair again with another color, you just have to use the recommended conditioner on the dyed parts. Another important thing that you should consider is the shades you choose. Make sure that the highlights on back of hair you choose can match with your natural hair color.

highlights on back of hair trends Highlights on Back of Hair Techniques

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