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Hazel Eye Hair Color Idea for Certain Skin Tones

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by nissa

Hazel eye hair color idea should complement each other. If you want to change your hair color and get the new look, then it is the time for you to drastically make over yourself. When changing your hair color, the most important part to consider is your eye color. Hazel eyes are the best eye color since it can complement most hair color shades. However, the skin tone should also be considered. It means that if you have hazel eyes, you cannot just directly choose any shade of hair color before you consider your skin tone. It is actually quite challenging to find the shades that suit your hazel eyes and skin tone. Here are some inspirations that you can get.

hazel eye hair color highlights idea Hazel Eye Hair Color Idea for Certain Skin Tones

If you have cool skin tone, there are various shades of hair color that can enhance your hazel eyes. Light hair colors are the best for you. Light caramel hair color that is combined with champagne gold blonde is perfect that can give the effect of your eyes’ sparkling. For the base color, blonde hair in champagne gold, warm caramel, light caramel, strawberry blonde, butterscotch, or medium gold will complement your hazel eyes. Moreover, auburn shades and light golden brown also look good with your hazel eyes. However, keep in mind that the auburn shade should be less intense and not too bright. Make sure that you do not use ginger, wheat, and ash shades of color for cool skin tone and hazel eye hair color idea.

hazel eye hair color idea 2013 Hazel Eye Hair Color Idea for Certain Skin Tones

For the warm skin tone, then you should choose the brown warm shade. The recommended shades are chestnut, cinnamon, and chocolate color. Those luxurious colors will create the golden sparks of your hazel eyes. If you want deeper color, then you can choose burgundy or mahogany shade. The great thing about having warm skin tone is it can go with any coloring techniques. The choices may vary from balayage, foil, base and highlighted color blended together, and such. For trendy look, you can try golden blonde or medium auburn in the hair tips and darker shades, like choco brown from the root to the mid length. This hazel eye hair color idea will give the contrast look.

hazel eye color and hair color idea Hazel Eye Hair Color Idea for Certain Skin Tones

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