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Hairstyles for Girls Braids Cute and Simple

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by nissa

Hairstyles for girls braids should be cute and fun. There are many variations that you should try. In fact, braids are not always French braids or Dutch braids. If you are creative, you can find many braid hairstyles for your kids. Keep in mind that when choosing the braid style, it should be girly and for children, so your daughter will not look too old for her age. Braiding for formal occasion does not have to be complicated. Here are some easy ideas for you.

kids hairstyles for girls braids Hairstyles for Girls Braids Cute and Simple

You do not need to French braid or do any difficult style in hairstyles for girls braids like this. Curl the hair’s top layer first if your daughter’s hair is straight. In fact, this style is great for those who have natural curly hair. Next, gather the hair together in the back. Before that, twist one section on each side of the head and gather the hair to make a ponytail. Next, divide the ponytail into 3-4 sections. Each section should be braided in classic braid. After the braiding is done, you can insert the end of it beneath the twisted hair in both sides aforementioned. Secure it with bobby pin. After you get 3-4 rolled up braided sections, put the huge floral hair pin above the braiding to make it look cuter.

black kids hairstyles for girls braids Hairstyles for Girls Braids Cute and Simple

Next, maybe you can try lace braids twists. First, part the hair from the center of the head into two sections. Next, pick the small hair section near the temple and start to make the French lace braid. Continue your braiding to the spot above the ear. When you have reached that area, stop your braiding and twist the hair to the head, and you should add the last pieces at the same time. After you have picked all the entire hair, twist and secure the ponytail with a hair clip. Next, repeat the process to the left side (if you start in the right side). After you are done with the lace braid twists, gather those two braids to make a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. You can add any hair accessories to hairstyles for girls braids like this to make it cuter.

cool hairstyles for girls braids Hairstyles for Girls Braids Cute and Simple

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