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Hairstyle Ideas Short Medium Based on the Hair Color

Monday, 15 July 2013, 11:08 | Medium Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 3287 Times
by nissa

Hairstyle ideas short medium for hair sometimes also consider the hair type, the face shape, and the hair color. Here are some casual ideas that you can apply for your short to medium hair. The hairstyle is the easy going one and do not need to be styled every now and then. These ideas can be applied when you take a walk with your friends, go to a movie, or just hang out. There are some variations included, like some layering techniques, razor cuts techniques, precision cuts, and such that make your hair fall to the right form and shape.

hairstyle ideas short medium hair Hairstyle Ideas Short Medium Based on the Hair Color

If you have brunette hair, it is recommended for you to have layers combination in all over the hair to create the balance and boost the hair volume as well. This hairstyle is perfect if you have natural tight curls. It can frame your face to make it shorter. This goes perfectly with those who have diamond, square, oblong, and oval face shape. For those who have blonde hair, you can get the layers cut in all over your hair to achieve the balance. Moreover, this hairstyle can frame your round face. Bangs as the front side can complete the look and soften your face. Keep in mind that this hairstyle needs routine trim every month. Hairstyle ideas short medium like these can be applied for triangular, heart, oval, and round face shape.

cute hairstyle ideas short medium Hairstyle Ideas Short Medium Based on the Hair Color

For the black head, you can get the sleek style in both sides and back hair and for the top you should make the longer cuts and make it spiked up to get the certain texture and height. This style can be perfect for round shaped face women. You can style this hairstyle in flat, smooth, or messy look based on the occasion. Do not forget to get the routine trims to maintain the hairstyle. And for the brown hair, short casual hairstyle needs the jagged cut along the edges. You can also style the loose waves in large shape to increase the volume. That is why this style is perfect for long face. The hairstyles ideas short medium hair like this also needs routine trim to get the perfect shape.

hairstyle ideas short medium curly Hairstyle Ideas Short Medium Based on the Hair Color

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