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Hair Dye Color Ideas Trend 2013

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by nissa

Hair dye color ideas keep changing based on the trend. Getting bored with your current hairstyle and hair color? Change your look. If you want to stay updated with the trend, the current trend when it comes to hair color include bright hues, dip dyes, platinum, and ombre. Ombre seems the most popular one in Hollywood crowd. For those who have not known about it, ombre is actually “shadow” in French. It is not actually a color. Ombre means you highlight your hair from top to bottom and the color gets darker/lighter gradually from your hair root to the end.

trend hair dye color ideas Hair Dye Color Ideas Trend 2013

Ombre highlight is the perfect choice if you have brunette hair color. If you want to get this highlight, you can firstly color your hair brunette. See Lily Aldridge as the great celebrity with brunette hair and ombre highlight. Dip-dye color is another option if you think ombre is too boring. In fact, no one had ever thought before that dip-dye would become a trend. It was actually started from teenagers’ trend. The hair is dipped at the end in color. The dipped hair is only some strands, and the entire hair remains natural. This look is suitable if you are creative and expressive enough and want to get edgy hair dye color ideas.

edgy hair dye color ideas Hair Dye Color Ideas Trend 2013

Next, bronde is the great option as well. Bronde means brown and blonde. It is the great shade between brunette and blonde. It was started by Gisele Bundchen in 2007 and after all many celebrities have also been applying this new look. For those who have blonde hair and do not want to completely change the look, just apply balayage for the transformation. In fact, this shade can match to any color. However, it will look totally perfect in blonde hair as the base. Bright-hues color is another choice. It includes Kool Aid color, splashes of pastels, and streaks. You can explore more in bright-hues and try to experiment a bit. When choosing the certain color for your hair, make sure that you match it with your skin tone. Hair dye color ideas should be matched with your entire look.

hair dye color ideas 2013 Hair Dye Color Ideas Trend 2013

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