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Hair Color Violet Color Ideas

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by Nida

Some of the most fun hair colorswe see are the ones celebs wear out when they dye their hair a funky color. While celebrities have all kinds of stylists and colorists at their disposal to give them any color they desire, please practice caution when looking to change your own color.

Hair Color Violet 6 Hair Color Violet Color Ideas

Hair color violet is making wave’s not only in makeup and nail colors but it’s popping up in hair color. It is a bit different then the past violet shades we have been doing, this year purples and plums are more vibrant, intense and not for the shy, however having said that I always believe a variation of the colors can work on anyone, whether soft or bold it’s become popular and not just for Goth and Punk as it has shown up on the runways.

Hair Color Violet 7 Hair Color Violet Color Ideas

These shades to me are a reminiscent of the 80’s the difference is today there more polished and shinier. When I first started in the business and my mentor had me doing tints (root colors) all day long the trendy hair color violet, burgundy’s, aubergines, lucy reds “and they were just that “, no natural looking colors here, and of course there were the punk colors which was its own category of statements through hair color and cut, style.

Hair Color Violet 5 Hair Color Violet Color Ideas

As with everything coming around again and in a world of economic uncertainty and challenging issues going on, globally people need a little brightening up change with classy edginess. Hair color is both a psychological and physical uplift, and it is only fitting that purple plums are reappearing with statements. Katy Perry looks like a 1950s icon with her curly Marilyn Monroe-style hair and red dress. She blends a classic look with a modern edge using the hair color violet. I’m very fond of the way she presents herself here.

Hair Color Violet 2 Hair Color Violet Color Ideas

katy perry Hair Color Violet Hair Color Violet Color Ideas

katy perry Hair Color Violet image Hair Color Violet Color Ideas

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